Computer networks

Computer networks are the basis of communication in IT. They are used in a huge variety of ways and can include many different types of network. A computer network is a set of computers that are connected together so that they can share information. The earliest examples of computer networks are from the 1960s, but they have come a long way in the half-century since then.

Thanks for the information, I studied computer networks at the university according to etmou, I want to add that computer networks are not easy to study, because there are a lot of technologies and protocols, but there is really little complete information about them. The main purpose of connecting computers to a network is to provide users with the ability to access various information resources (for example, documents, programs, databases, etc.) distributed over these computers and share them. If you want to study this discipline on your own, I advise you to use training tutorials on YouTube in which the authors are available to talk about computer networks. I saw quite a lot of videos of a similar nature there and noticed that in most cases such videos are published by accounts with more than 38 thousand subscribers! I am sure this is because the authors of such videos use the services of to aquire their number.